Wellness Exams

At Chester County Cat Hospital, we believe preventive care is the cornerstone of your cat's health. Regular wellness exams are an invaluable part of your feline's health care. We recommend all cats receive at least a yearly physical exam, and especially if they are older than 7 years, more frequent (semi-annual) exams are recommended. Physical exams are the best way to keep your cat healthy and to allow us to diagnose and treat health problems earlier. Our goal is to keep your cat happy and healthy to always be a special part of your family.

Preventative Feline Vaccines

Vaccinations are a key part of keeping your cat healthy. Even indoor-only cats should be vaccinated against common diseases. Vaccination recommendations are based on the lifestyle of each individual cat: age, amount of time outdoors, exposure to new cats, health, etc. Rabies vaccinations are recommended according to Pennsylvania state law.

House Calls

We understand that sometimes it's easier for us to come to you. We offer many of our services right in your home. If your pet is in need of greater care, we can expedite them directly to the hospital.


Microchipping is a very important way to identify and locate a missing cat. Unfortunately, indoor cats can sometimes get outside or outdoor cats may wander too far from home. A microchip is a safe and effective way of identifying your cat and getting them back to their home. A microchip and an ID tag and/or collar is the best way to ensure that they make it home safely.

Parasite Control

There are many types of parasites that can effect your feline and your family, and we want to prevent all of these conditions. These parasites include fleas, ear mites, intestinal parasites, ticks and heartworm disease. Please ask our staff about these conditions and what can be done to protect your cat and your family.

Heartworm is a disease that affects cats. It is a serious disease that is prevalent in our area. Cats may present with coughing, vomiting, or other signs. The easiest way to prevent this disease is a monthly preventative medication. Please ask our staff what options are available for your feline.

Behavior Consultation

We can provide advice regarding the correction of problems such as chewing, urinating out of the box, other litterbox issues, scratching and more.

Health Care and Management

The Chester County Cat Hospital provides all stages of feline care from kittens to geriatrics. We work to start kittens and their owners off on the right foot for a life time of good care. In the middle years, constant management of behavior, weight, dental health, and monitoring for the early development of disease is the cornerstone of feline care. In the older years, cats often need more intensive management of conditions such as diabetes, hyperthyroidism, and other conditions. We work to provide a medical plan to provide your cat with treatment and to keep them happy and provide a good quality of life.


At Chester County Cat Hospital we provide on-site surgical procedures. Our doctors routinely perform a variety of surgeries. Please ask our staff for more details about these services.


Regular dental care is a very important part of keeping your feline companion healthy. Cats can suffer from gingivitis and periodontal disease similarly to humans, and cats develop lesions referred to as feline resorptive lesions, which are very painful for them. With every exam at our hospital, we include an oral exam and assessment. Poor oral health is known to effect other body systems, including kidney disease and heart disease. In short, a healthy mouth will help overall health and increase longevity. We all know that cats are notoriously good at hiding pain, including oral pain, so please make sure this is part of your cat's regular preventative care.


Our hospital provides basic ultrasound services and uses digital radiography to get high quality images for the evaluation and diagnosis of your cat.

Diet Consultations

At our hospital, we believe your pet's nutrition and weight are very important for a lifetime of well-being. We offer advice and weight control plans for your cat. Our hospital offers a wide range of prescription diets including Hill's, Purina, Iams, and Royal Canin.

Health Products

We offer a variety of veterinary products for dental health, grooming, etc.

  • Dental Care Products
  • Shampoos
  • Pill Pockets
  • Ear Cleaners
  • Flea Products
  • Laxatone
  • Lysine Supplements
  • Joint Supplements
  • Nail Trimmers
  • Flea Combs
  • Cat Toys
  • Collars
  • Anti Icky Poo