Recently, at the cat hospital, we hosted Cat Art as part of the West Chester's Chamber of Commerce Gallery Walk, and it was wonderful. As much as I love cats, I am always amazed and honoured that so many others love cats and want to celebrate them. I want to thank everyone from the bottom of my heart who made it out and contributed to our event. We had personal pet photos and portraits by very talented artists, wild cat art and some with wildlife mixed in. The raccoon looking in at the curious cat was one of my favorites. We also had a very pretty and kind rescue kitty looking for her forever home.

It ended up being a great way to showcase cats, local artists and our clinic. Cats are always and consistently a beautiful enigma that work as subjects in so many mediums. To most of us, they take a great photograph for on our smartphones and facebook, but to others they come alive in dynamic new ways. I hope we had some new faces in our clinic and demonstrated our love, enjoyment and knowledge of felines. I must confess I will never be able to read their minds, as much as I wish too, but then again, there is a world of our own imagination behind their alert intelligent eyes. And often we know exactly what they are thinking and often we don't. Human fascination with felines from the early Egyptians to the present is a constant and changing variable, and indeed I think they like the limelight.

Again, thank you, and I hope you are inspired too!