Lion cuts

Keep your cat fashionably healthy with a lion cut!

Cat Potty Behavior

Does your kitty have potty phobia?

How often should kitties see the doctor?

In the veterinary world, it is well known that cats are under cared for and often go for years without receiving any basic health care. Kittens come in for their monthly checks and older patients are in more frequently, but a large concern arises with adult and mature adult cats. These patients “seem” well at home, and hence sometimes do not receive attention to their body condition (weight), diet, flea and heartworm prevention, teeth, and other systems. These are all things that can often go ignored at home, but they greatly influence longevity and quality of life.

The Opensource Veterinary Clinic

In this economic climate, veterinary clinics -- and small businesses in general -- are looking for ways to cut costs, and create more value for their customers. Here at Chester County Cat Hospital, we believe we've been able to leverage open source technologies to modernize the way we work, effectively providing better record keeping and organized workflow.

2011 Radio Interview

Below is a (edited) transcript of Dr. Coyer's radio interview in October 2011. The interview was conducted by Rich Britton of Passionate About Pets. The show's website can be found here.