Keep your cat fashionably healthy with a lion cut!

If you and your fuzzy friend are tired of hairballs, shedding, and the copious amount of brushing that is required to keep kitty from matting, a lion cut may be just what the Doctor ordered!

Older cats are sometimes poor groomers that can become severely matted in a surprisingly short period of time. Matts that go unnoticed may even twist, pinch or otherwise harm the delicate skin beneath them. Love it or hate it, the lion cut is a unique look, and it’s a dream to take care of, compared to keeping your cat matt-free while in full coat. From addressing hairball and shedding problems to taming the most unruly hair, the lion cut is one fashionably functional kitty styling option. Any style of haircut will leave your cat looking very different than normal. But keep in mind that hair grows back, so don’t be afraid to give this special look a try! There are a few variations of the lion cut, but what they all have in common is that the fur on the torso is shaved down velvety short, while the cat’s scruff is left full length, giving the appearance of a lion’s mane.

The scruff may be extended down onto the shoulders. Tails can be shaved short, with only a puff at the end or can be left long and full if you prefer. The legs are another area of variation. Depending on your preference or the condition of your cat’s coat, the fur on your cat’s legs may be shaved short, leaving darling little “booties” on the feet, or they may be left in full giving a fashionable leg warmer appearance.

A well groomed cat is a happy cat! Give us a call to schedule yours today or you may also send us an appointment request by visiting our website.