Would a house call be good for your cat?

As veterinary professionals devoted to felines, we understand that for some cats a trip to their veterinarian can cause fear and anxiety. We want to work with your feline to make this a better experience for them, so they can have better health care and live longer and happier lives with you. We know that getting to the veterinary office can be stressful for cats and for their owners too. Sometimes owners can not make the trip in to their vet or even fall behind in regular preventative care because they don't want their cat to be upset by the experience.

At the cat hospital, we work to make it as gentle an experience for cats as possible. From a quiet, home-like atmosphere to friendly cat pheromone sprays and gentle, compassionate handling by our veterinarians and support staff. But for some patients, it is a great option to consider a house call appointment.

House call services allow for your cat to be examined in the comfort of their own home. A house call also might be right for your family due to busy schedules, disabilities, or even in multi-cat households when it would be good to get everyone's preventative care done at once!

We offer preventative care, laboratory testing and medical care during our house call appointments, and if needed, we can offer transport back to our hospital for more advanced diagnostics and care. We are fortunate to be able to offer in home care and to have all the amenities and options of a traditional veterinary clinic, all of which are just devoted to cats!