Medicating a cat is a lot like playing patty cake with a bear trap. But it doesn't have to be! Here are a few of our favorite ways to make pill giving a breeze for both you and your kitty!

Hide the pill in her favorite food, like chicken or tuna fish or sandwich the pill in between two of her favorite treats, like a glorious Oreo cookie for kitties. Better yet try Pill Pockets! Simply fill the pill pocket with the medication, pinch closed and feed as a treat. The trick with these is to give kitty a couple of empty ones first so she suspects nothing when delivered one that contains the actual pill.

Crush and dissolve a pill in a very small amount of liquid such as tuna juice, chicken broth or even sugar water as cats can't taste sweet things. You can then deliver the medication by using a syringe (with no needle) or eye dropper. Be sure that the pill is crushed into a very fine powder so that no chunks are able to block the opening.

Deliver the pill by placing directly in the mouth towards the back of the throat. The cat will want to back away from the pill, so hold him either in the crook of your elbow, discover the “Purrito Method,” wherein you wrap a towel around your cat like a burrito or otherwise position him so that he has no where to go.

The pill should be held in your non dominant hand. With your other hand, hold the cats head by the cheeks and lift his nose to the ceiling. His mouth will usually drop slightly open.

Place the pill as far back as possible into the mouth using either your finger or a pill popper. Let go of the cat’s face and watch for lip licking motions that usually indicate the pill has been swallowed. You may try coating the pill with butter to make the delivery smoother and also to leave a pleasant after taste. If possible, squirt a small amount of water into the cat's mouth to promote swallowing. This helps nudge the pill all the way into the stomach where it belongs.