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New Kittens

A new kitten (or an adorable pair of kittens) makes a wonderful addition to any family. They bring youth, fun, companionship and they are just so cute. I can easily remember when my now eight year old girl first hopped out of the carrier at her new home with me. Kittens are fun loving creatures, and if you follow some basic health and socialization guidelines, it is possible to have them in your family for decades. (The statistics for cat longevity are very impressive, and they are related to better healthcare, particularly preventative medicine.)

Indoor Fleas

This autumn an increasing number of cases of fleas in indoor only cats have been turning up, which leaves questions as to how? Unfortunately, fleas can come indoors on human pant legs or shoes or come inside on other furred creatures, most commonly the family dog. Most owners keep flea protection on their dog, but if timing is right, fleas can make it inside on the dog before they are killed by a flea product. An unprotected indoor cat then makes a great host for that lucky flea. Fleas, aside from the natural thought of disgust, do carry health concerns* for pets and for people, and this fact makes it very important to protect your pets and restore order from these crazy hopping insects!